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Alisa Bowman

Journalist, ghost, author

I write narrative, science and self help for books, magazines, and the web. Experienced in copy writing, marketing, custom content, ghostwriting and book doctoring. I've ghosted 7 NYT bestsellers.

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Olivette lambert article

She Swept Away the Weight - Lehigh Valley Health Network - A ...

She lived on smoothies. She tried pills that promised to boost her metabolism and quell her hunger. She counted calories, cut portions and tried diet after diet.

Judy parkes article

Soothing Music Helps Judy Parke Overcome Fear, Cancer - Lehigh ...

Judy Parke was so afraid of hospitals, she spent years ignoring the ever-worsening pain in her back and abdomen. But when she broke into a cold sweat and almost passed out on her bathroom floor, her daughter, Nicole, called an ambulance.

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Reader's Digest

Why Sleep May Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer's | Reader's Digest

Skipping sleep can take a toll on your memory and may be associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease....

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Reader's Digest

Meet Toefu, the Rescue Dog Who Became the Dog Whisperer | Reader's Digest

Can dogs learn from their misfortune? Here’s the story of Toefu the spaniel, who ovecame her own abuse to help other dogs bounce back....

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Reader's Digest

3 Myths About Alzheimer's Disease | Reader's Digest

Misconceptions about Alzheimer’s risk factors and ways to prevent Alzheimer’s can stand in the way of your health....

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Reader's Digest

Prevent Alzheimer's Disease: 8 Daily Habits | Reader's Digest

These new advances about how diet, exercise, and brain-boosting activities can help reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's are exciting scientists....


Become a Great Communicator With ‘Pitch Perfect’

THE BOOK:  Pitch Perfect: How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time. THE AUTHOR: Bill McGowan, TV correspondent turned media trainer, with  How to Say It Right the First Time, Every Time Alisa Bowman. I read three to six books a week for my job as a book reviewer. So...

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4 Worries About Adopting A Shelter Pet—Completely Busted

The heartwarming pleasure of saving an animal's life is reason enough to take in a pet from a shelter. But there are personal, financial, and behavior-related concerns that often stand between would-be adopters and their grateful pets, say veterinarians and animal advocates. A closer look at the top adoption anxieties...


6 Pretty Genius Ways To Help Your Pudgy Pet Lose Weight

Photo by Alisa BowmanI started thinking that Macy, our beagle-bulldog mix, might have a weight problem when my son began using her as a pillow while watching TV. Turns out Macy's not alone—more than half of dogs and cats are overweight or obese....



tips on natural cures, nutrition, beauty, health, and fitness...

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Is Your Heart Older Than You Are?

Photo by Elizabeth Cecil It's a concept that could change your life. People who calculated their heart age—using a short, clinically accurate quiz (take it at—were found in a 2014 study to have more success sticking with healthy life changes than those who were given a plain old risk...

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7 Ways To Soothe Your Pet's Separation Anxiety

When Leigh Cooper moved in with her fiancé, she lovingly embraced his dog, Ringo, but whenever the couple left the house, the dog panicked. When Cooper returned home one day to find a bag of flour on the floor and white paw prints all over the house, she knew something...

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What You Can Do When Your Beloved Pet Gets Cancer

As she scratched Zoey's neck, Noel Dallacco felt two grape-size bumps. She Googled the problem, and her uneasiness turned to fear when the word cancer appeared. Two days later, 5-year-old Zoey was diagnosed with lymphoma. Without treatment, Zoey might live 3 months; with chemotherapy, maybe a year or more. "I...

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What Your Dog's Health Says About You

Browsey was an adorable terrier mix with the playful energy and brisk trot of a dog half her age. Even at her advanced 13 years, she was often mistaken for a puppy. But soon after owner Patti McCracken, of Chicago, moved to a new apartment, Browsey started acting old—forgetting where...

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4 Ways You're Driving Your Pet Crazy

Wonder why your pet freaks out for no apparent reason? Look in the mirror. Some 80 to 90% of your pet's behavior problems stem from life experiences—and that sometimes comes back to you....